Choreography & Workshops

Need choreography for your Nxt audition for the solo or freestyle round?

Want to attend one of our in person or virtual Pro Dance Workshops?

Want to schedule a Pro Dance/Cheer Workshop for your studio or college dance team?

Let us help you stand out!

Solo Choreography(NFL/NBA/College Auditions)


Rate covers your choreography, feedback and critique of your performance. Choreographer will choreograph your audition solo or freestyle and provide you with a video of counts and music.

Extra $50: Setting the dance or additional customization can be added in person or virtually


We also host various workshops throughout the year in Atlanta, the Washington DC Area, and Virtually. Follow us on Instagram @nxtlvlprep for updates or join or email list!

We offer group workshops where you will learn how to be a PRO from PROS! We provide a fun, interactive learning environment perfect for you, your dance team or studio.