Class Descriptions

Pro Dance Fusion: This class is for anyone interested in the various dance styles that you see at NBA, NFL or any other Pro team games! This class focuses on technique and a high energy performance routine. From technical training and across the floor to Jazz, Pom, and Hip Hop combos, this class will definitely take your dancing to the Nxt Lvl!


Technique: Kicks, Leaps & Turns: Do you need help with your flexibility? Do you struggle with your turns? Need help with Jumps? Do you want to build a foundation to help you pick up choreography better? Then this class is for you! This class includes a warm-up focused on strength, conditioning, and flexibility. Class will focus on stability, body placement, and maintaining skills.


Sideline Jazz : This is a high energy and fast-paced style that focuses on pom motions and performance. Students will focus on body placement, isolations, leaps, turns, and NFL/NBA sideline style dance combinations. 


Industry Hip Hop: Want to work on flow, movement quality and fundamental groves? This class is for you! This class is choreography based. 

Fitness Bootcamp: Get ready for auditions with fitness programs designed specifically for dancers. Effective workouts that help you build strength and help you look your best!