Charlotte, NC

Partnered with Pro Force Prep | Pro Force Dancers 


Our Mission: 

To supply you with the tools, tips and training you need to feel confident at your next audition! We will challenge you to your fullest potential and provide you with the feedback you need to leave it all on the floor! Our programing will provide you with knowledge from various individuals, from various leagues to help structure your journey specifically for you.


6 Week Training Program Overview:

The Nxt Lvl Prep 6 week training program is a combination of dance training and informational sessions designed to help you feel confident at your next audition. Within our supportive and encouraging learning environment, each participant will receive tips, recommendations, work on a strategy plan and receive feedback. 

Our Training Program Includes:

  • Online Tools and Resources 
  • Pro Style Audition Training
  • Fine Tuning Your Dance Technique
  • Audition Do’s and Don’ts 
  • Guest Teachers and More!
Our Charlotte 6 training program will start on Sunday, January 23rd and meet every Sunday for 6 weeks.
Program Pricing:

*Total Program Price: $375

*Registration Fee is $75 and you will pay the remaining balance in full or via payment plan