We have offer virtual training programs, drop-in classes, workshops, tutorials, and other personalized training services that will help prepare your for your NXT Audition for anywhere! We accept ALL dance levels and our goal is to shape versatile dancers to make an NBA, NFL, NHL, Semi-Pro, or College Dance team or feel confident throughout the audition process.

virtual training program: THE ACADMY
Let's get you prepared from anywhere!

 THE ACADEMY: Virtual Training Program 

  • 3 Month Training Program Jan-March (Winter Registration OPEN)
  • 3 Month Training Program April-June (Spring)
  • 3 Month Training Program Sept- Nov (Fall)

THE ACADEMY: Program Overview

Participants meet on scheduled dates through zoom for virtual meetings/dance classes/technique training/choreography. There will be guest instructors coming in to teach, give advice, and mentor. You will be provided with online tools and resources to learn at your own pace, but there will be some due dates for discussions, interview practice, and more! 


Our Training Program Includes:

  • Online Tools and Resources
  • Pro Dance Audition Training (NBA, NFL, NHL)
  • Virtual Meetings and Virtual Dance Classes
  • Fine Tuning Your Dance Technique
  • Audition Do’s and Don’ts 
  • Guest Teachers and More!
Program Pricing:

*Total Program Price: $375

*Registration Fee is $75 and you will pay the remaining balance in full or via payment plan